Comedy Club: The best stand-up stages in Nice

Comedy Club: The best stand-up stages in Nice

Nice, the capital of the Côte d'Azur, is brimming with activities to suit all tastes. Its nightlife also promises great experiences, whether in bars, festive events or lively restaurants. But a new trend is emerging on the Nice scene: comedy clubs! Thanks to its central location, Hotel Lakmi is the ideal gateway to all these activities.

For an evening of laughter with friends or family, take a look at our selection of the best comedy clubs in Nice.

Tchoup Comedy Club - 100% Côte d'Azur comedians

Discover the Tchoup Comedy Club, a merry troupe of young talents who travel the length and breadth of Nice to bring you hilarious evenings! Known for its straightforward humor and conviviality, the club regularly presents its acts at Stockfish, but also organizes special performances, such as those at Château de Crémat. All the ingredients are there for an enjoyable evening in Nice. With them, every evening becomes a moment of laughter and good humor to be shared with family and friends! But don't forget to reserve your place in advance.

Bobar Comedy Club - 1st stand-up comedy club in Nice

The Bobar Comedy Club, the first of its kind in Nice, is nestled in the heart of Nice old town, just a few minutes' walk from the Hotel Lakmi. This establishment offers you the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail while attending a variety of stand-up performances, presented by both emerging and renowned artists. The electric atmosphere and contagious friendliness of the performers guarantee you an evening of laughter and good humor in Nice!

Des barres à la gare - Stand-up evenings at the Méditerraneo

In the heart of Nice's Gare du Sud, Méditerraneo offers an innovative concept of gourmet halls, featuring a variety of Mediterranean flavors. In this convivial atmosphere, Méditerraneo regularly organizes themed evenings, including stand-up Tuesdays called "Des barres à la gare". An original way to enjoy lively evenings in Nice!

Panisse comedy club - Stand-up evening at the BDA bar

Nestled on boulevard Cassini, close to the port and Place Garibaldi, the BDA Bar is the brainchild of Brasserie d'Aqui, a well-known Nice brewery. With its industrial pub atmosphere, this bar offers an impressive selection of beers. It also organizes themed evenings, including stand-up evenings in collaboration with the Panisse Comedy Club. These humorous evenings offer a unique experience: sampling delicious beers while discovering new comedic talents, all on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. An address to discover for a memorable evening in Nice!

Comedy club evenings in Nice offer an entertaining and unforgettable experience in the capital of the Côte d'Azur. Whether you're looking for a lively evening out with friends or a relaxing moment with the family, the options are numerous. From Tchoup Comedy Club, with its talented Côte d'Azur comedians, to Bobar Comedy Club, the first of its kind in Vieux-Nice, to stand-up evenings at Méditerraneo and BDA Bar, there's something for every taste and every style of humor. Reserve your place now, and get ready to experience laughter and good humor in these emblematic venues of Nice's comedy scene!