Nice's best creperies

Nice's best creperies

To celebrate Candlemas in Nice, look no further! The city is brimming with good places to eat: between restaurants serving specialties from Nice, pizzerias and Italian addresses, crêperies have managed to find a small niche for themselves.

During your stay on the occasion of CandlemasHotel Lakmi offers you the opportunity to enjoy delicious crêpes in the lobby from 4pm to 6pm. Ideally located in the heart of the city, the hotel is an ideal starting point, surrounded by many excellent restaurants. Its central location makes it easy to explore the city and discover Nice's best crêperies, in case the ones served at the hotel aren't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Let yourself be tempted by a gourmet experience and discover the best crêperies in Nice.

Where to eat the best crêpes in Nice?

  • Pop-O-Thym – The crêperie on Cours Saleya

Located on the Cours Saleya, where the famous flower market flourishes, this crêperie offers crepes with names as funky as they are delicious. Between "La Dodue" hot dog version, "La Timide" ham and cheese, and the famous "Jazzthym Bieber", there's something for everyone! Ranked as the top crêperie in Nice on TripAdvisor, Pop-O-Thym offers much more than just crêpes, with brunches, salads, tortillas, pancakes and sweet crepes. A gourmet spot where good cheer reigns!

  • L’As de la crêpe – A stone's throw from the Promenade des Anglaislais

This delicious crêperie, ideally located a stone's throw from the Promenade des Anglais, offers a tempting selection of sweet and savoury crêpes. Its signature: a cheese crust running the length of each crepe! It's the perfect place for a gourmet break during a stroll along the seafront, with the option of enjoying a takeaway crêpe while taking in the sea view. An unmissable stop!

  • La vieille crêpe – A taste of Brittany in the heart of Old Nice

Nestled in the picturesque narrow streets of Nice's old town, this crêperie transports you straight to Brittany, the land of salted butter! There, you can savor gluten-free buckwheat crepes with original and original tastes. The chef at this crêperie relies exclusively on quality products to bring you delicious crêpes, whether you're comfortably seated inside or soaking up the sun on his small terrace. A little corner of Brittany in the heart of Nice!

  • Crêperie du Port – A gourmet stopover in the Port of Nice

Situated on Nice's picturesque Port Lympia, this traditional crêperie invites you on a true Breton getaway, with Breton cider, buckwheat pancakes and wheat crepes. An authentic interlude in the heart of the Côte d'Azur, with a breathtaking view of the port of Nice and its charming moored pointus. A gourmet journey along the water's edge.

  • Crêperie Suzette – A trip to Brittany on rue Masséna

When winter rolls around, there's nothing like a crêpe from Crêperie Suzette to warm the heart. With its friendly team and generous crêpes, Crêperie Suzette is a must among Nice's crêperies. Let yourself be swept away by a sweet break!

  • Confiserie Ballanger – Sweet crepes on Avenue Jean Médecin

Just 2 steps from the Hotel Lakmi, the famous Confiserie Ballanger treats the people of Nice, young and old, to a delicious snack. Pancakes, waffles, churros and delicious doughnuts make for a gourmet break during your shopping session on the lively Jean Médecin shopping avenue. A sweet interlude in the heart of your shopping adventures

Nice is brimming with good places to eat, and Chandeleur is an invitation to explore the city's crêperies. From savory to sweet, these gourmet addresses are ready to delight you during your stay at Hotel Lakmi.